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  • Woven screen mesh

    Precrimped wire cloth has very accurate openings and is woven much tighter than plain weave. It is typically preferred for vibrating screens and many other applications where sizing is critical.

    Packing: Pallet suilt for sea transport.

    Scalping Weave

    This weave is also referred to as "Lock-Crimp" due to the deep crimps which lock the wires in place.
    For light to medium wire in relation to screen opening size

    Intermediate Crimp
    When open area is important.
    Extra crimps between the intersections provide a more rigid weave and providelocking and tightness for light wires in relation to the large openings.

    Triple Shoot
    Long openings will keep sticky or wet materialflowing freely. Weave holds wires securely yetpermits slight vibration to keep openings clear.

    mproves material flow with a much smoother, flatter surface than other weaves.
    Lock weave provides a longer wear life and maintains accurate openings.